Tuesday, September 27, 2005

meme challenge week #12

"This week [Sept 26th] we are going silly and talking about our quirks.
Things about us that are abnormal, bizarre, crazy, curious, far out, flaky, fly ball, freakish, funky, funny, geeky, kooky, nutty, odd, oddball, off-center, offbeat, outlandish, peculiar, strange, uncommon, unconventional, unusual, way out, weird, AND whacky..WHEW!"
10 "Weird Facts About You"
I think I have already been doin this everyweek!
1. Let's see...I am psychic and have premonitions. I inherited this from my great grandmother.
2. My lifelong totem has been the owl. Owl always warns me of death. And this summer was the summer of death! Check out my owl cam link to the right to watch "Frida & Diego". See Diego above.
3. I tap my cats big furry balls (pom poms)sometimes when he walks by or he's in my face. Gosh this is sick....I should delete this. LOL (well, there's "nutty")
4. I collect whiskers.
5. I have a guru..... he taught me how to meditate.
6. I always drentch my onion rings with lemon juice and salt.
7. Like to visit cemeteries and collect Victorian mourning jewelry.
8. Only eat meat on special occasions/holidays. I wouldn't stop eating meat completely because my culture is very important to me!
9. I put the remains of my cat in a Maneki Neko statue.

10. Use to live at a convent.

Friday, September 23, 2005

meme challenge week #11

Ten Scrapbooking Mantras/Rules

1. "Do your own thing." Be original.
2. Never copy or "scraplift" another's L/O or SB celebrities hair-do.
(I've seen many Heidi Swapps out there!LOL)
3. All you need is cardstock.
4. Don't pay attention to what people say is supposedly "popular" and what is not.
5. Scrap more, Pea less!
6. Never scrap with paper "you don't like" (that particular season) esp. from a company who is running a
contest expecting to see their product. (Chatterbox MM 2004)
7. Never come to the point where you run out of ideas and themes that you start
scrapping your McDonald's or Starbucks drink.
8. Never impose fake props on children in your pics. You can always tell when a L/O
is a little too "made-up."
9. Stop pestering Thena for poems. Go buy the book!
10. Try something new every week.

Monday, September 12, 2005

Week 10 "Memories From Your School Years"

1. St. Mary's of Assupmtion, 4th grade I was bored in class so I asked Sister
Patrice Marie (who always smelled like pee)if I could go to church to pray. Alone in church I hallucinated and saw tears falling from the blessed mother's eyes. I went back to class and told my friends then they saw it too! And then the whole class hallucinated! Well, I ended causing a lot of drama at school and in the end someone (an official of something) got close enough to touch the dry cheeks on the statue. What I did accomplish though was getting both of my parents down on their knees praying in church together for the first time. LOL

2. St. Mary's of Assumption, 3rd grade I made my first scrapbook of animals! My teacher, Mrs. Chittwood was a mean ol' biotch but I was her fave!LOL Evidentally everyone in class did such shitty jobs on theirs and mine was so outstanding she walked up and down the isles holding up my scrapbook while scolding the class. She reminded me of the Queen in Alice in Wonderland.

3. Our Lady of Fatima, 2nd grade I was the only one who went "face to face" with the priest during our First Confessions. I remember confessing, "fighting with my little brother".

4. Ramona Convent, 7th grade I invited all of my friends to my Halloween party...sorta. My Goth father bought an old Hearse for fun and chaufeured my friends and I around Hollywood Blvd. to see the premiere of Halloween (?). We were all piled up in the back of the hearse and when he let us out in front of Mann's Chinese Theater everyone in line cheered & clapped for us. Dad was in a tux and skull mask (one of the characters in the movie)and mom was Morticia. There was a rumour going around my school that my dad worked for the morturary. I had to explain that, no he did not, he was only a freak!

5. Huntington Beach High School, 10th grade I crashed my BMW in the island in front of the police station and just left it there! With only a learning permit I called my dad and got scared so I hid out across the street at my best friend's jacuzzi and swimming pool where I swam all night. Out of sight , out of mind, I guess? I could hear my dad's car racing up and down the street looking for me from the pool too. He was so furious the friendly officer was scared of him too, when I finally decided to come out of hiding. LOL

6. HBHS, 11th grade I bought a Cosmo mag that came with the mini yearly astrological book that predicted, "You will meet a dashing and daring Aries man approx. on Valentine's Day" and sure as shit on Valentine's Day I was sitting in class and this Hot guy in a black leather jacket was standing outside my door pointing at me to come outside. Like a dork I look behind me and he's all, no YOU! Totally like a Jake Ryan scene from the movie "Sixteen Candles". So I go to the door and he hands me a Valentine with an alien on it that reads, "You're cosmic." He was an Aries, dashing and daring and became my bf. He looked like a young Elvis but moved away to go to school in Massachusettes. :(

7. Ramona Convent, 9th grade I made plans with my friend/classmate to get stoned after school during last period. We were passing notes back and forth about how she stole some weed from her very famous dad. So after school at my locker someone taps my back. It was Sister Virginia Anne. She said, "Come with me dearie." She had gone in the trash to retrieve our notes and read them. The dean gave us a warning and a lecture. We didn't want to reveal who the weed was from. I'm sure they knew.

8. Grammar school, I remember getting excited when the monthly Scholastic book club catalogs/readers were passed out. I loved ordering books and the feeling I got the day our orders arrived. My favorite book of all time was Chicken Soup with Rice by Maurice Sendak. It came with a record sang by Carol King!

9. I always remember being student of the month for October.

10. St. Mary's, 6th grade I sold the most chocolate bars in the entire school winning a radio and a field trip for my class. I was always selling stuff door to door starting with the first grade and did it ALONE. I sold Girl Scout Cookies, chocolate bars, Gem candies, raffle tickets, and calendars.

Wednesday, September 07, 2005

Country Living & Cowboys

My weekend had a country theme to it. I watched the Hank Williams biography and discovered a cowboy cooking show called "Campfire Cafe". The chef cooked apple dumplings with a pecan sauce to die for. I thought they would be a cute idea for Halloween. He cooked them in a dutch oven over an open fire. At his website I found these cute apple shaped dutch ovens by Lodge. Those dutch ovens made me wonder how my Mexican grt grandmother cooked her tortillas when she was riding and cooking with my grt grandpa and Pancho Villa during the Mexican revolution. I have many famous and infamous vaqueros and cowboys in both sides of my family so I've always been attracted to vintage western and cowgirl stuff. The Halloween edition of Counrty Living Magazine has some cool things in it!!!!!!!!!! I was very impressed. There was a vintage California "Vaquero" label cowgirl shirt in it I want real bad. Not too many people are aware or acknowledge where the "white American cowboy" originated from... where he inherited and took all his skills from. And I'm not talking about the phony and fake John Wayne. They learned everything from the Mexican vaquero who brought their ranching culture to America. In the Southwestern U.S. of the 1850's and 1860's, the riding style and the cattle herding equipment were both of Mexican origin. The only difference was their language. The early European immigrants from the start and to present day have always tried to erase our culture and history (but use for their own novelty) and make us feel like inferior foreigners on our own land. Many Mexicans from the SW have Native American roots from Arizona. My family is Papago which recently has been changed to its original tribal name, Tohono O'Odham in an attempt to De-colonize their tribal name. Many Native Americans were given Spanish names during their Christian ? baptisms and blended into Mexican culture. Here's some cowgirl ephemera....

I forgot to add, that cowboys spent the majority of their time Knitting! contrary to all the gloss behind American history and Hollywood you will hear. It was very boring being left alone with all that cattle on the range so cowboys spent their time knitting clothing to trade and sell. I'm assuming this would include African American cowboys too.

Sometime around the year 1680, a people composed of bands of wandering mountain hunters, aquired the horse from their southern neighbors, the Utes or Camanche who were distant relatives of the Aztecs They became master horsemen in a short time.
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