Wednesday, August 09, 2006

Meet Blanket/Now BurBEARy

Meet little Blanket. Looks like Nap and Dyna have a little one. I thought I've been hearing something like a squeeky toy at nite. I figured it was the deer family. But here he/she is!. My brother named this bear. The wildlife have been bringing all their babies down during the heatwave. Yesterday someone had called the cops (a real estate agent) and the officer asked me, "Have you seen a bear?" I laughed and asked, "Why? are you gonna arrest him?" My gawd, how lame he was! "Nope! I didn't see a thing! I said. ;)

This weekend I went to the beach and stopped at King's Hawaiian Restaurant in Torrance for some fried Macadamian onion rings and guava/passion fruit cake. Yum! They had these new, interesting looking, paper-cut-artwork pieces on the wall.
I miss living at the beach so much! My brother is going to build some condos in Redondo Beach in a couple of years. I'm thinking maybe I should buy one of them and maybe design a scrapbooking loft in one of them. I'm not into the cluttered, show off every Prima bottle, and embellie, etc. scrapbook room look. I'd like to find a HUGE antique armoire to put everything in. Probably will end up designing something on my own. We were supposed to tear down this house and build a Japanese country Haiku house. (Japan is one of my top 3 fave cultures!)I wanted to do a Japanese art nouveau style look but the builders turned out to be con artists. I found out they had defrauded someone in town for $150,000. And their website is still up and running and they are even featured in HGTV. Frauds!

I visited A-Z Scrapbooking for the first time and fell in love with Brittany the scrapbook store mascot. I don't know why I didn't take a pic of her! She is such a little sweetheart. I guess I was busy tweaking in the store. Next time.
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