Friday, March 17, 2006

Happy Saint Pat's Day!

Today I'm eating meat.
My corned beast is slow cooking right now. I'm gonna stop at the bakery to pick up my Irish bread and "something green" dessert. Maybe pick up some HARP lager too. Looking foward to Mimi's blog after this cuz I'm sure I'll get the right story behind the Saint.... and awesome picture. LOL

The image above is a memorial to Captain John Riley, leader of the St. Patrick's battalion who gave their lives for Mexico during the U.S. Mexican War 1846-1848.

And I'm looking forward to HBO's film Walkout tomorrow at 8pm about the early Chicano movement in 1968. How funny, someone is playing Sal Castro. I still have his business card in my wallet concerning volunteer work. I guess all Mexicans know eachother! The entire cast in PBS's Chicano documentary was at my grandmother's best friends funeral last month. You'd think everyone would have a copy of the VHS since their footage was in it, right? No! So I'm looking for some. My grandmother's friends funeral car procession was so long, can you believe I never saw the hearse! Just miles of cars-just like a train. She and her husband were the first Mexican family to move into Montebello (which is like 90% Mexican/American now)and actually had to fight to get her kids into the local schools! I know she was fueled up cuz when she was a little girl my grandmother and her were put in the special ed classes and slapped by the teachers if caught speaking Spanish. They were used to serve food to all the teachers and clean the school. So I know that lady gave them hell. I'm happy for my grandmother though because her best friend is finally with her now!

Wednesday, March 08, 2006

Kate Bush is back? I keep hearing about a new album coming out or some kind of import collection coming out. Time for a trip to Ameoba Records to find out. That would be cool. Last time I listened to her was maybe 3 months ago. I was surprised to here that Tupac liked her too. And I'm surprised my mom likes Tupac. I don't know what's stranger. In fact I was just about to buy my mom her own Tupac~ Greatest Hits CD from Amazon. She likes the song "California Love". I'm listening to her Maria Callas CD and she's listening to my old 2Pac.

There's this book I've been wanting too about this inspiring blind German woman who went to Tibet to teach children braille. She learned the language and TRANSLATED the books all on her own! She even travels by camel to the homes of the blind children to teach them so they won't become outcasts in their society. It is called
My Path Leads to Tibet: The Inspiring Story of How One Young Blind Woman Brought Hope to the Blind Children of Tibet
by Sabriye Tenberken
I think I'm gonna spend the rest of the nite over at Amazon.

Someone gave me two boxes of these delicious gold and copper truffles. I looked up the website and found this.....
Truffles by Carrie I didn't know AOL had a storefront? I hate AOL but I really love her truffles. I love eating pretty metallic chocolates that are probably cancer causing but what the hell?! I'd probably eat them if they had glitter too.

Did you like Salma Hayek's hair at the oscars? My hairdresser did her hair. He did me Saturday afternoon and her Sunday morning but I didn't go anywhere... but to the bubble drink place. :P

Check out my Owl Cam link >>>>> Frida and Diego are incubating five babies!!!!! Frida's a good mother. Diego's out looking for dinner right now.....probably a juicy rat.
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