Tuesday, November 29, 2005

On my way back from Cedars today I stopped at the Sinai Kosher Market for dinner on Pico as well as the Beverlywood Bakery for some apple nut strudel, chocolate dipped lace cookies, macaroons, and monster cupcakes. I made sure to grab a handfull of Sumac packets to take home with me. It's a lemony tasting spice I like to drown my rice in. I was thinking of trying it on the fruit sold at a Mexican stand nearby. My Mediterranean-Mexican cross-cultural experiment. Oh, and onion rings! I love lemon on them too. Gonna poor some Sumac on them. Uh! I feel like rolling in mud and watching one of my all time fave movies "Fatso" with Dom DeLouise. If our "Southern style Paula Deen" Thanksgiving wasn't enough I'm stuffing myself again. Last week I even created a personal health blog to paste all the health tips I find online. Found some info about clearing your system out with celery on an Edgar Cayce site of all places. It brought back memories of the time that was to be my WEIRDEST book purchase. It was at the Alexandria Bookstore. If you know anything about Edgar Cayce the mystic/prophet you know his books have a mysterious way of flying off book shelves. So.... sure-as-shit I walk over to his section and guess what hits me right on the head as I'm standing there? A small paperback book of his ailments/remedies. That was so weird....but I guess I knew it was coming! Maybe I'll go to the Alexandria again for fun and see what he picks out for me this time. LOL And how often in life does a book choose you?

Saturday, November 26, 2005

Which SB Paper Collection Are You?

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Tuesday, November 15, 2005

N. Hollywood Thai Festival

All of my senses were stirred at the Thai festival last weekend. I hit the first booth as soon as I walked in standing in line for some sticky rice w/mango. There were booths that sold 101 different tamarind treats~my fave. There was an obscene looking/smelling/tasting fruit there called Darian. Tasted like a onion mango.

Everything was paid for in tokens. Everything had a lucky theme to it. Even the Thai Tea and coffee popsicles had a random hidden red spot on the stick for a prize. The pops were constantly being shaken in this metal tub.

The Temple was beautiful. There was a funeral taking place so I just got to peak inside. This is the alter for the person of the funeral in front of the temple.

I loved all the Buddha alters. I left a offering at everyone. If I lived nearby I'd definately come here to meditate. Last year Buddha's relics were here on tour. Slapping myself in the face for not seeing! :( (I did get to partake in St. Terese's 2000 reliquary though!)
There were two stages with all kinds of entertainment going on. A pond to float your flowers w/incense and candles with your intentions. There were tons of games and raffles. I won a incense fan, Mango juice, a Wonder Woman address book, and bird feeder. :) Can't wait to go back to their next festival in April.
*Edited to add more pics if Blogger allows >: Errrrr!
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Friday, November 11, 2005

Can you see the resemblance?

Crazy Trading Spouses lady and Sigmund the Seamonster~n~family

Kuchi's twins

ATLANTA - November 1, 2005 - Zoo Atlanta, a leader in the study of gorilla behavior, announced that Kuchi, a 21 year-old female western lowland gorilla, gave birth to twins on Monday, October 31 in the evening at Zoo Atlanta. The birth of twins is extremely rare. Six incidences of twin gorilla births in North American Zoos have been recorded since 1966, with only three sets surviving.

Monday, November 07, 2005

Navajo artist R C Gorman

has passed~gone home~ at 74. I talked to my mom tonight and asked her, "Guess who died?" She replied, "Gorman." She said she went to his studio in Taos in the 90's and saw some of his magical work. I remember in the 90's when New Mexico/Santa Fe style was the thing. Still is at Big Lots! Eww, I remember writing this long az poem about taking a train to Santa Fe and read it aloud in front of my drama class with a fake accent. What nerve. He will be missed.

Tuesday, November 01, 2005

My Online and Real Life Pet Dog

This is my official online pet Chauncey who works as a model for the Oriental Trading Company. Whenever I get my OTC catelog in the mail there is Chauncey always bringing a smile to my face with his priceless face. I wonder where he lives, what he eats, if he is really a she, and how old he/she is, and what in the hell he is!

This is my real life dog Zorro as Vader for Halloween. He has a little man attitude and loves going after big dogs and loud cars. Any animal his size or smaller is no threat to him and he'll just walk by and ignore.

My King Charles amigo Amigo I babysat last week. I walked him to the Seminary while his daddies were on a cruise.
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