Friday, June 16, 2006

Happy Anniversary Edna ;)

It looks like Edna's infamous digi thread on 2peas has been mysteriously pulled up on its first anniversary. Maybe we should make it an annual thing. I had to go back and do some creative editing *deleting* to erase all the loopy stuff that I amused myself with a year ago. I'm sure a few NSBR detective peas will get the inside joke of the last edit. Someone was trying to prove, I guess, how far digi scrapping has come. I'm assuming they're judging by how "lifelike" the L/O-embellies can look? I still don't get it. I just can't imagine trading scrapping in for mouse clicking. Those digi kits look stale and lonely to me. To each there own!

Anywhooo~ back to Edna! Incredible Edna was created by the inspiration of Hollywood costume designer and eight time Acadamy Award winner Edith Head. I found it interesting to just read that Edith traded her her famous Bob for Anna May Wong's chignon. I love and admire her too because she was ahead of her time and is the first Asian American actress. A weird tidbit: my uncle almost married one of her nieces! Her documentary can usually be seen once a year during Asian American month on PBS. {Anna May Wong's image to be put here WHEN BLOOGER FEELS LIKE WORKING!}

There hasn't been much to watch on TV lately since the season is over...So-I-thought! I'm now watching other things and different channels I never looked at before like Nascar for instance and thats only because of Danika? Patrick. It's so refreshing watching a woman whip those boys arses around the track. Racing was something I could hardly stomach watching BEFORE.

Time Discovery had two very fasinatings prograams on the genealogy of Jesus and his family and the origins of the The Three Kings, magi from Persia who were believed to be astrologers as well as astronomers. They predicted a April 18 birth for Jesus. In Germany there is a Cathedral holding their remains (Insert relique image here blogger) with paintings on the wall of their journey to the cathedral. It was cool to see how the scientists and astrologers worked together to pull the clues.
I keep wondering where all the Persian magi went went Islam took over. Iran/Persia is is one of my favorite top three cultures. I hope to live long enough to see the young population there rise up and change their country. They have such a rich and beaufiful culture. The show renewed my interest in the Persian prophet Zoroaster (Zoroaster image here) I'd like to read more about. Islam pretty much wiped him out as well as his teachings. Another weird tidbit: The founder of Ebay is Iranian. He started Ebay after having difficulty searching for Pez candy dispensors for his gf.

Another "jewel" to watch is Romeo & Juliet on Animal Planet. Watching monkeys is always good medicine! Documentary Channel is also playing "Women in Black" right now about Catholic school sisters. I remember when my mother and her childhood Catholic school girl friends saw this a few year ago. I think they were disturbed with the movie because they could relate to it. Can't wait to see.
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