Wednesday, July 27, 2005

Andy you're a Dick!

Living in Los Angeles you run into a lot of celebrities and when you own a club you see they think they can get special treatment because they're used to everyone kissing their asses 24/7. Their 'entourage' are even more annoying! Then there's Andy Dick. I loved him here in Hebrew Hammer. I loved that movie! I loved Andy Dick but this dude has got some serious issues. What the hell is goin on in your life when you don't even know how to party and have fun anymore?! Andy is such a spaz that when he drinks he has to grab bottles w/liquor and glasses from the bar and start throwing them at the wall! And then he's grabbing young guys by the balls! He's obviously in the closet and I don't know how long his wife is going to continue to front for him. Then he flips John off with two hands and what can you do but laugh! Just hope he doesn't end up like Belushi and some of those other talented comedians.

Monday, July 25, 2005

Cheburashka-Gotta Have One!

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During the 2004 Olympic games I noticed this adorable little teddy bear the Russian athletes were holding. I fell in love with him so I googled every damn Russian site I could find and found out that Cheburashka is a famous Russian children's book character created by Eduard Uspensky. AND Eduard Uspensky never gave permission for his character to be used as the official Russian mascot!
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Finally I found a link that sent me to 'Baby Melt' a cool comic/toy store on Sunset Blvd. Cheburashka was boxed in a little orange crate with oranges. There were also The Cheburashka Show tapes available that looked like the equivalent to our claymation Gumby series. Baby Alex owns all the Cheberashka goodies now. Here he is...Image hosted by

Friday, July 22, 2005

Hello Kitty Crop

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Just found out that Hello Kitty scrapbooking paper is FINALLY coming out! I have sooo many childhood pics to scrap and have been waiting for Sanrio to put something out. Recently I purchased some HK ribbon from Jo~anne's and was wondering what to mix it with. My mother would take me to Little Tokyo, Los Angeles in the 70's to shop at the first tiny little HK store there. It was heaven for me as well as my little secret place to take my best friends to. Mother's would knock at my front door in Cerritos and ask where I was getting this cute stuff from.
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I am now waiting for Paul Frank to come out with some paper and then I'll be really happy!
Image hosted by I made this altered Paul Frank inspired stencil organizer out of this cool red glitter paper I found at my LSS.

Tuesday, July 19, 2005

Buttercream Frosting and Ben Affleck

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No, it's not a fantasy! We share the same hairdresser. We also share the same hairdresser as Richard Gere. Richard, Ben, and Edna have a fabulous hair stylist named Rene. Rene gives Edna freebies all the time such as this friggin luxurious set of Buttercream Frosting body butter, Orange-vanilla body polish, and Pumpkin-papaya-mask by Jaqua. Edna smelled like a bakery and Starbucks today. Edna met a very important person in Ben's life too. LOL Edna let Rene go wild on her hair. See Edna look in the mirror. See Ben get stoned. See Ben space. LOL See Spot run?

Monday, July 18, 2005

A Party Fit For A King!

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The party turned out fabulous! Approx. 50 guests showed up. The food was great! The stuffed Pinnochio hats w/my grandpa's sauce came out great! My mother, Elena, and I were up cooking all night and into the morning. We were so tired! We had Italian sausages, lasangne, bread, pasta, fruit, and green salads, beef and chicken terriaki kabobs, fruit, cheeses, wine, beer, soda. Someone brought egg rolls and pork ribs. Elena's sister brought over her trays of chocolate covered strawberries, frozen bananas dipped in chocolate w/colored sprinkles, cookies, and marshmellos also dipped in chocolate colored sprinkels. The kids loved them.

My party favors/decorations received a lot of compliments. One guest said, "You should go into business with your party favors. You'd be a millionaire!" I said, "That's what I'm working on." :) Since it was a Pinnochio themed party I stuck with Italian colors for the balloons, fabrics, and Pinnochio hat favors. All the wooden Pinnochio's looked stunning. I put Pinnochio masks from Venice, Italy on the wall. My brother made a lollipop tree I put large suckers into. Another guest said, "This is the best 'first' birthday party I have ever been to!" This was really a big production. I feel like I did a wedding! My cousin joked, "We're not going to have another party for 5 years! "He doesn't know I already started on the Mexican cowboy theme for Alex's 2nd birthday!

My cousin rented one of those jumpers. That thing was a kid magnet. They couldn't get enough of that thing! Which was fine with me. They were all boys! Most of the men and teen-agers were outside with them talking sports, drinking beer, playing music. The women were inside talking and playing with the baby, drinking wine, and taking pics. Alex never cried and was enjoying all the attention and excitement. Elena invited Kristopher's teacher to set me up with. He teaches Chicano Studies and history and is moving back down to LA. He was tall, and Mexican, and had a Masters~my 3 prerequisites! Something bugged me about him that I can't pin down.

Later in the evening when only family was left we brought out the tequila bottles BECAUSE WE MEXICANS KNOW HOW TO PARTY! We did so many shots my cousin had to do Tequila runs. I only did three shots and that was enough because I was also drinking Margaritas. A few people brought out their guitars and started playing and singing. My cousin John from a punk band was even playing songs by 'X'. Everyone was buzzed or drunk and laughing.

THEN my uncle's Palistinian friend busts out with his cool Hookah pipe! We all go outside and he sets it up. In minutes we are all in a circle taking turns puffing tabacco. The tabacco was apple flavored and comes in a variety of flavors like cherry, lemon, melon, strawberry, and cotton candy! Dude, I'm getting one of those! He even put tequila inside the pipe. So I'm sitting right next to Nimer, the Palistinian guy and he was telling me about his Catholic background and how his anscestors are from the village where Jesus preached and rose from the dead. I had no idea there were Catholic Palistinians! I thought his background was pretty cool and interesting to listen to. He's really involved in his church and has a son in Israel right now.

All of the sweat, drama, and work was worth every minute of Alex's first b-day party! We are all grateful Alex is healthy and thriving and is a happy little boy. It was a party fit for a king's son!

Wednesday, July 06, 2005

Alpine Village

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Alpine Village is a small German shopping center in Torrance that features a market with all kinds of German imports. It has a great deli, restaurant, and a cool toy store filled with adorable toys from Germany. I went their specifically to buy 'the bomb' candy for Alexander's B-day favors and some wooden Pinocchio's to decorate his party with. The German's make the best candy! (Esp.if you love black licorice.) I don't care what anyone says.
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