Sunday, October 15, 2006

The Quran, Fruit Cookies......OMG!

Trying to adjust to this cold weather. This is the time of season I go out and buy a bunch of books, try new coffee and tea brands, and buy new PJ's before the drama of the holidays begin. While I began reading the thousand page book, 'The Great War For Civilisation-the conquest of the middle east' (by Fisk) I received a 300 pound brick in my mail from the Council on American-Islamic Relations, Washington DC. I wondered what in the world it was since I'm always getting freebies in the mail. It was the Holy Quran! Then I thought, Oh shit! I'm going to be on some kind of FBI watchlist now! HAAAAAA! Weird huh? So anyway, it really is a beautiful book and technically NOT a real Quran for the fact that it's a translation. I found it interesting to learn that the great majority of Muslims cannot even read Arabic. They just memorize the sounds and words in the text. Maybe this is why the fundies can take advantage. I'll be reading it in bits and pieces and I'll have to send them a thankyou note.

These fruit cookies were made by an Armenian friend of mine that owns a bakery close by. While I was at the fair this year I noticed her cookies on display next to a first place ribbon and it wasn't her name! I told her about it and she said, "Oh, there are a lot of ladies that buy my cookies and take credit for them." Wow, I'm gonna wonder about all those contests at the fair now.

My gay friend Rene just got back from his trip from Italy. He has cancer and goes to these retreats there ran by local priests "to get away and relax." WELL, he calls me to tell me about his TORRID AFFAIR WITH ONE OF THE PRIESTS! WHO MADE A MOVE ON HIM GOING TO CHURCH! This is me on the other line.... "OMG?, OMG?, OMG! about 20 plus times! He is so scandelous! I remember when his sister was having an affair with 'Arnold' but that's a whole other novel. He brought me back a Zucchero CD who is the hottest thing in Italy right now. I told him to please keep the holy relics, I'll buy my own, thanks! Man, it's a crazy world out there right now!
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