Friday, August 04, 2006

Me and my Guardian Angel

Okay, look at what I found in my Yahoo folder. I thought I had lost this. This pic was taken back around 2000 in my old apartment that I rented at a convent. This must have been around Nov. 2000 because of that lollipop I'm holding. My veteran friend takes me every year to Knott's Berry Farm cuz he gets free passes. So anyway, the ONLY reason I find this picture interesting is because I asked, "If anyone is here with me right now, please show yourself in this picture (that I'm about to take)!" This was probably after midnight and I was alone in my apartment where I always felt the presense of my grandfather and Godmother. This is what showed up. I showed my veteren friend and he's like, "Uh, yeah." Then I showed it to three other guys and got some more "Uh, uhhhhhs?" So perhaps I'm the only one that sees a face here. Turns out the convent I lived at is more interesting than this pic because Mother Teresa lived there when she was recovering from one of her heart attacks back in the 90's. And St. Teresea's relics were here too as well. The city closed the streets down and everyone walked down the middle of the street at midnite with St. Teresa's relics. That was very surreal.

Well, other then talking and taking pics with ghosts in the middle of the nite I've been extreme scrapbooking. I've been working on my KI Memories contest album. My gawd it's so nice scrapping 6x6! I got one of those Heidi Swaap kits at Costco and that has been so helpful. Yesterday I got on my roof and was throwing Lil Davis paints on my layout below. My cat looked up at me and gave me one of the dirtiest looks! Also did a mini photoshoot at the cemetery with my fave punk rock doll I got in Paris years ago. Her mohawk got flattened out in the box she was in so I've been trying to reshape it with my fingers.

Well, Nap AND FAMILY or friend were here the night before last running aroung like a couple of gorillas. I named the smaller bear "Dyno" or "Dyna." They were Thing One and Two out there causing a rucus? around 2AM. Whenever I'd get up to catch a glimpse of them I'd see black fur flying by. They are some FAST creatures!

My newest love is Creme Brule frenchtoast from Whole Foods Market. The olive bar used to be my fave thing BUT OMG this stuff is the bomb! Do I need spell checker or what! The blogger one doesn't seem to be working. Well, it's not like a give a shit anyhow. Back to some more extreme SBing..............
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